How can I register?

Registration is made online by:

  • Complete and submit the online registration including photo.
  • Transfer of the respective course fee in EURO.
  • For accommodation in hotel – transfer of the complete amount in EURO.
  • Kindly note: In case you need a visa and registered for accommodation in a shared flat/private, please transfer a cover fee of EURO 500 together with the course fee in advance.

Upon receipt of the complete registration documents and fees, participants will receive a confirmation by Email – pdf form. With this confirmation you can apply for your visa if required.

How high are the fees and the methods of payment?

The course fees includes...
The course fee does not include

Please note:

  • The course fees have to be transferred completely in EURO within 10 days after the registration.
  • By choosing accommodation in hotel please transfer as well the respective rent in EURO together with the course fees.
  • All bank charges / costs of the transfer must be covered by you!

There are two possibilities for the payment of the course fee / accommodation fee:

Payment by bank transfer
Payment by credit card

In the case of withdrawal made by the respective date (see Calendar) payments paid up until that time will be reimbursed.

Calendar / Course Session July 201907.07. ‐01.08.2019
Registration until01.05.2019
Fees until01.05.2019
No reimbursement after01.06.2019
Welcome and first course day –
German Language Courses
Welcome and first course day –
Intensive courses / Advanced Study
Last course day31.07.2019

Do I need a visa?

The following regulations apply to participants from countries requiring visa:

  1. Please transfer the respective course fee.
  2. Accommodation fee:
    • Please transfer the fee for accommodation in shared flat/private- lump sum EURO 500 *.
    • For accommodations in our partner hotels – Please transfer the complete amount.
  3. Upon receipt of the fees you will receive the confirmation via pdf-file.
  4. With this confirmation you apply for your visa at the German Embassy in your country of origin.

* In case that the fee for accommodation in shared flat / private is less than EURO 500, you will get the difference paid in Bremen after your arrival. If the accommodation costs more than EURO 500, we will inform you in advance.

Rejected Visa Application

In the event that your visa application has been rejected, the course fee and/or accommodation fee already received will be refunded minus the bank charges.

What kind of insurance do I need?

For the duration of your stay in Germany we urgently recommend you to take out the following insurances:

  • a private health insurance abroad,
  • accident liability insurance and
  • private liability insurance.

The Hochschule Bremen /HSB bears no costs neither in the case of illness nor in the case of damage. The course fee encloses no insurance cover.

Our partner - Klemmer Insurance

You can take out your insurance online. The insurance corresponds to the legal regulations applying in Germany, e.g. for visa application.


How do I arrange for accommodation and board?

If desired, accommodation (without board) can be arranged by the course office of the International Summer School for the duration of the selected course. This service is only available for participants. In order to benefit from this service please check your accommodation request on the registration form.

Whether you want to live alone or with friends or other students – we do our best to meet your requirements. The type of accommodation depends on availability.

  • All rooms have been checked and are reserved for our participants.
  • All rooms are located in Bremen; there are always good bus/tram connections well into the night.
  • All accommodations include bed linen.
  • Most of the accommodations in shared flats/private provide cooking facilities.
  • It is not possible to arrange rooms in a family home or with a host family.
  • Internet access is not available in all rooms.
  • For all participants internet access/WiFi is available within the Hochschule Bremen.
  • If you have any special accommodation requests, please note this in your online form.
  • Since the housing contingents are limited, we recommend an early registration.

The course office will provide participants with the address and detailed information concerning their housing in Bremen on the day of arrival.

Please note:
  • By marking the desired accommodation on the application form you are committed to accept the room and to pay the rent.
  • A change of rooms will be not possible during the course.
  • By choosing the accommodation type Hotel the rent has to be transferred in advance together with the course fees.
  • By choosing the accommodation type shared flat/private the rent has to be paid in cash on the day of arrival or no later than three days after arrival.
  • A key deposit of EURO 50 has to be paid in most accommodations. This deposit will be refunded after a proper handing over of the room and the key to the landlord on the day of departure.
  • On the day of arrival please come to the course office at the Hochschule Bremen first. Here you receive the address of your accommodation and all important information.
  • On the day of departure the room is at your disposal until 10.00 h. The check out and the handover of keys has to be done until this time.
1) Accommodation in shared flats/private
2) Accommodation in single apartment
3) Accommodation in the partner-hotel - TRYP by Wyndham Bremen (3 stars)
4) Accommodation in the partner-hotel - Best Western Hotel Bremen East (4 Stars)

Participants arrange their own meals during the summer school session. After arrival you will receive information about well-priced possibilities to eat (student cafeteria). The cafeteria will be open from Monday till Friday from 8.00 h – 15.00 h. There you can have breakfast, have a coffee or tea and get lunch. Lunch prices are about EURO 4.

How do I get to Bremen?

Day of Arrival:

Sunday, 7th of July 2019

How to get to the Hochschule Bremen - Werderstrasse 73?
By train
By plane

Day of Departure:

Thursday, 1st of August 2019

  • The departure day for the participants is the 1nd of August 2019.
  • On this day no lessons take place.
  • On the day of departure the accommodation is available until 10.00 h.
  • Check-out time is 10 h.
Personal pick up service

By request we pick you up from the Airport Bremen or Main Station Bremen personally. This service costs Euros 70,-. The payment for this service is carried out in Bremen after arrival. For this, please fill out the form and send it to us not later than two weeks before the course beginning.
Form for Pick up Service

You arrive earlier / you depart later

For the duration of the course we arrange lodging for you if requested.
However, should you arrive before the official arrival date or if you wish to stay even longer in Bremen after the departure date, then you must provide yourself with accommodation for this period. Here is some useful information about some options for lodging in Bremen:

Youth hostel Bremen / Jugendherberge Bremen

Can I use public transport in Bremen?

Tram and bus ticket

As a participant in the International Summer School you will receive a ticket for public transportation (tram + bus) for the duration of the course upon your arrival in Bremen. With this ticket you can use all trams and buses within the city of Bremen. For rides on the night trams/buses a surcharge of EURO 1 per ride applies.

I am a DAAD scholarship holder.

We look forward to welcoming you as a DAAD scholarship holder for the International Summer School program at the Hochschule Bremen. You have already been informed by the DAAD. A place is booked for you. As soon as the German Academic Exchange Service informs us of the names and contact data of the scholarship holders, you will receive from us an e-mail with further information and the confirmation of registration.

For scholarship holders from countries requiring a visa this confirmation is considered as a document for presentation and application for a visa at the German Embassy.


How do I register?

Please send the online registration form for your course. After sending the online registration you will receive an automatic answer to pay the course fees / accommodation fees. This does not apply to you as a DAAD scholarship holder.


Please note:

  • As a DAAD scholarship holder please do not transfer any course fee and accommodation fee!
  • The course fee is deducted from your DAAD scholarship. You will receive the remaining amount of your scholarship upon arrival in Bremen.
  • The cost for accommodation you pay after your arrival in Bremen.

For example:
You receive a scholarship in the amount of EURO 1200. The course fee will be deducted – EURO 750 for the German language course. The remaining sum – EURO 450 – will be paid to you on arrival in Bremen in cash. With the remaining sum you can then pay for your accommodation – EURO 350.

Terms and Conditions

1. General Requirements
2. Enrolment and Terms of Payment
3. Course Fees
4. Cancellation
5. Arrival
6. Course Level Assignment
7. Accommodation
8. Responsibilities of the Participant
9. Liabilities of the IFK
10. Privacy Protection
11. Legal Domicile