Welcome to the International Summer School!

Bremen's Summer School Programme is an excellent opportunity to live and study in Germany. It offers you an unique experience by attending courses at the Hochschule Bremen, participating in international students' life, and discovering Bremen and exploring Europe. The programme combines high quality studies with a wide range of cultural and leisure activities.
And Bremen is a beautiful and vibrant student town in the North of Germany where students feel welcome and comfortable.
That's more than one good reason to visit Bremen and enjoy a great summer at the International Summer School!

The Programme 2015

The International Summer School offers German language courses - basic, intermediate and advanced level - as well as intensive courses in special fields.

…at a glance

Course dates
Course title
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Course fees
7 June -
19 June

International Summer School on Cross-Cultural Competence English 1400,- Registration

5 July -
30 July

German language courses
German 700,- Registration
International Management
800,- Registration
Legal terminology - introduction to German law
800,- Registration
Marketing for Services and Hospitality Sector English
850,- Registration
Principles of Financial Management
850,- Registration
Operations and Supply Chain Management English
850,- Registration
Entrepreneurship and Business Planning English
850,- Registration

Basics of Business Analytics

850,- Registration
International Business
850,- Registration
International Economics and Finance English
850,- Registration
International Corporate Finance English
850,- Registration
Managerial Accounting English
850,- Registration
Introduction to Legal Systems, Environment and Contracts English
3 August -
15 August
International Summer School on Cross-Cultural Competence  English 1400,-  Registration

3 August -
27 August

German language courses
700,- Registration
German Studies
850,- Registration
International Management
800,- Registration
Legal terminology - introduction to German law
800,- Registration

3 August -
21 August

International Summer School on Fair Trade English
950,- Registration

3 August -
15 August

International Summer Academy of Maritime Studies English

The course dates referred to here as the day of arrival and the day of departure. On these days no lessons take place.

All participants receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.
After a successful course participation the Hochschule Bremen awards at least 6 credit points (ECTS - European Credit transfer system) for each course.

Registration and Fees

Registration can be made online or by post mail.
The application documents you can find here or in the respective course description. Fees are listed in the table above.

Summer School fee includes:

  • registration fee
  • seminars and lecturers
  • teaching material made available
  • the supervision of participants during the complete duration of the summer school session
  • internet access and e-mail account
  • ticket for public transport in Bremen / tram + bus / for the duration of the course

Accommodation is not included in the course fee. For information concerning the accommodation please see "room and board".

Registration is carried out by:

  • Filling out and mailing the online registration.
  • Transfer the respected course fee in EURO.
  • Transfer of the rent in EURO for accommodation in dormitory/hostel.
  • By e-mail sending one photo – jpg file (size: wide 30mm x high 35mm )

After receiving all documents we will confirm your booking.
With this confirmation you can apply for a visa if required.


For all participants from countries requiring visa:

  • Please transfer the respected course fee.
  • Please transfer the fee for accommodation - lump sum EURO 500 *
  • Upon receipt of the fees you will receive the confirmation by pdf-file and mail.
  • With this confirmation you can apply for your visa at the German embassy.

* In case that the accommodation costs less than EURO 500, you will get the difference paid in Bremen after your arrival.


Please note:

There are two possibilities for the payment of the course fee:

1) Payment by bank transfer

Remitting in EURO chargeable to our account:

Name of the course participant
Course month

(International Bank Code)

DE 09291900240033300000

(Bank Identifier Code/SWIFT)


Bremische Volksbank eG
Domsheide 14
D-28195 Bremen

Account-Number 333 000 00
Bank Code (BLZ) 291 900 24

Please note:

  • The course fees have to be transferred completely together with the registration.
  • Transfer of the rent in EURO for accommodation in dormitory/hostel.
  • All bank charges / costs of the transfer are on your account!


2) Payment by credit card

You can download the form here. pdf zip

In the case of withdrawal made by the respective date (see Calendar) payments paid up until that time will be reimbursed.



(07.06. - 19.06.2015)
(05.07. - 30.07.2015)
(03.08. - 27.08.2015)

Registration until 01.05.2015  01.06.2015 01.06.2015
Fees until 01.05.2015  01.06.2015 01.06.2015
No reimbursement after 01.05.2015  01.06.2015 01.06.2015
Arrival 07.06.2015  05.07.2015 03.08.2015

Welcome and placement test -
General language courses
  06.07.2015 04.08.2015
Welcome and first course day -
Intensive courses
08.06.2015  06.07.2015 04.08.2015

Last course day

18.06.2015  29.07.2015 26.08.2015


19.06.2015  30.07.2015 27.08.2015



For the duration of your stay in Germany we recommend taking out a health and accident insurance policy as well as a third party insurance. The Hochschule Bremen will not be liable for any costs arising in the case of either sickness or injury.
Summer school fees do not include any insurance coverage.




Information and Registration

Hochschule Bremen
International Summer School
Werderstraße 73
D-28199 Bremen

Course office: Mrs Uta Kadmani

Phone: +49 - (0)421 - 5905-4163

E-Mail: ifk@hs-bremen.de
Internet: www.ifk-bremen.de

Your Summer School Team is at your disposal for information or for the registration with practical support.

We would be pleased to welcome you to our International Summer School.


The programme may be subject to change.