HSB-International Summer School

Professor Dr. Reinhold Roth

Academic Director
HSB-International Summer School

Address Prof. Dr. Reinhold Roth
Hochschule Bremen
City University of Applied Sciences
School of International Business
Werderstraße 73
28199 Bremen
Phone + 49 (0)421-5905- 4132
Email reinhold.roth@hs-bremen.de


Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Reinhold Roth is Professor of Political Science and International Management at the Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB-Bremen / Hochschule Bremen) and Adjunct Professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Roth is author, editor and co-editor of numerous publications in the field of political sociology, international relations and international management. He has served in several leading positions in international business education and multinational research projects e.g.:

  • since 2013 Academic Director, HSB-International Summer School;
  • since 2009 International Program Development, HSB-Bremen;
  • since 2006 coordinator of the working group section economics of the French-German University;
  • Fulbright liaison professor 2005-2012;
  • Director of the NAFTA-liaison office, HSB-Bremen 1998 - 2012;
  • Director of the International Master of Business Administration, 2003- 2008 and Director of the program Business Administration/International Management, HSB-Bremen, 1998-2006;
  • European coordinator of the Transatlantic Business School Alliance, 1998-2005;
  • Member of the governing board, Institute of International Business and Research, Poona, India, 1995-2001;
  • European consultant in the steering committee “Partnership for the Education of Future Global Business Leaders”, Washington D.C., 2000;
  • Instructor and consultant in management education programs in Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, 1992-1999.

In 2006 Roth has been awarded with the “Certificate of Recognition for leadership in International Education” by East Tennessee State University.